Sunday, February 3, 2013

कर्म (Work)

Karmanyevadi Karaste Maphaleshu Kadhachana
Ma Karma Phalahe Durbo Matesangatsvali Karmani" Bagavad Gita( 2- 48)

asks us to do our karma ( Work) and says that the benefits of the work will be rewarded.

तीरथ  पर जाये, बार बार प्रभू को मनाये, सोचे की शायद रूठा खुद मुझ से मान जाये 
फल, फूल चढ़ाये प्रभू को चप्पन भोग का प्रलोभ दिखाए, नंगे पाऊँ मंदिर, मस्जिद के सेकड़ो चक्कर लगाये 
पर ए बुद्धिहीन प्राणी, कर्म करे जा ये है प्रभू की गीता मैं वाणी 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mr. X on train Part-1

We generally used to board same train every day, he always comes in formal clothing, by his attires he looks like some kind of financial escort or some bank employee. He usually travel with black suitcase and smile on his face, But today I am sensing some worry on his face, may be some kind of meeting tension ? or some client is refusing to give money on stocks loss ? But no this tension don't look like that, something wrong with him.

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