Wednesday, October 3, 2012


पीर है मेरी बड़ी,
इस का कोई इन्साफ तो हो

रोज मेरे जख्मों का
जर्जर सही कुछ इलाज तो हो

राज़ बहूत ही गंभीर हैं
मगर मेरे सपनो का आगाज़ तो हो

इन पंखों के पैर नहीं
लेकिन इन मैं कुछ उड़ान तो हो

इस मन को कुछ लाभ नहीं,
पर मेरा कुछ नुकसान न हो

आज नहीं तो कल सही,
कहीं से  मेरी भी  शुरआत तो हो


  1. just few words for your start

    1: where is the LIKE button or precisely SUPER LIKE button

    2: are you really calling this one as your start. bhai its fucking awesome I must say.

    3: this poem is for all those who is still searching for the state of tranquility, peace of mind.I hope and wish you all the best that you get this peace of mind by your original and touching poem.

  2. Good one. It seems you have poured your heart out in this poem. The feelings that were caged in you, came out as such a meaningful verse; It feels inspiring. Just one word for this effort - Great.

  3. Hey, interesting poem. Liked your shuruat. I didn't know you are good at hindi poem. It seems like you are pro at it :)
    Let's wait for your another piece.

    Keep writing :)

  4. I am just overwhelmed with this appreciation. Thanks a lot :-)